Dept. of Library and Information Science in National Taiwan University is seeking to employ one full-time faculty

1. Qualification:
Doctoral degree in library and information science related fields

2. Documents Required:
*Photocopy of doctoral diploma;
Those who have not yet received the diploma at the time of application must provide a formal statement from the degree granting institution indicating that it will be in hand by the time of appointment
*Official transcripts of the master’s and doctoral studies
*Photocopy of working experience certification
*List of publications
*The full text of the representative and supporting works
The applicant should designate his/her representative and supporting works and provide the full text of the works for the hiring review. The representative work should include at least two published journal articles/book chapters or one scholarly monograph. Doctoral dissertation may serve as the applicant’s representative work if assistant professor is the intended rank. The representative works should be published no earlier than August, 2013. The supporting works should be published no earlier than August, 2011.
*List of courses taught and syllabi or course plans with statements, weekly schedules, textbooks and/or required readings.

3. Other Requirements:
*Ability to teach in Mandarin Chinese and English on library and information science related subjects
*The applicants who pass preliminary review by our review board will be invited to give a presentation to our faculty (travel expenses to be paid by applicant)
*All applications will not be returned.

4. Date of appointment and position official rank:
Appointment begins on August 1, 2018. Official rank appointed is according to working experience and qualifications.

5. Application deadline: January 17, 2018

6. How to apply:
All the documents must be prepared in printed format and mailed to Department of Library and Information Science
Professor Chi-Shiou Lin
Department of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University
No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 10617, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Tel: 886-2-3366-2958
Fax: 886-2-2363-2859